TDS 2 Registration

TDS 2 is to help Christians build a strong foundation for growing in their relationship with God.

Thrive Discipleship School (Level 2)

TDS 2 (Thrive Discipleship School Level 2) is to help Christians build a strong foundation for growing in their relationship with God. 

At the end of TDS 2, not only will you know what the keys to spiritual growth are, but you will also be able to experience these keys at work in your life so that you become more and more the disciple of Jesus Christ that you were made to be.


COST: $50

*registration fee includes both paper and online course materials. Binder not included.


LENGTH OF COURSE: 5 weeks. Students will do most of their coursework and class participation online in addition to two to three live session classes. 

NATURE OF COURSE MATERIAL: The course material will come in the forms of audio listening assignments, written materials, small group discussions, and live sessions with prayer. All course materials are in English, with some written Chinese translation available.  


  1. As a pre-requisite for taking TDS Level 2, you will need to have first completed "Getting to Know Thrive Church" (TDS Level 1). Contact the church office at [email protected] for more information on how to take TDS Level 1.

- Testimonials -

"I recommend it for those who are hungry and seeking to grow deep in their relationship with God. Even if you have been a Christian for a long time, I think you'll still learn something new and be encouraged by timeless truths and reminders."

"If you desire to know and grow deeper in your relationship with God, don't miss this opportunity to experience more of Him and welcome a greater version of you."

"Just take a leap of faith and do it. Guaranteed to improve your knowledge of Christianity and grow your relationship with God while growing yourself."

If you're interested in taking the TDS 2 course, please complete the form below and we'll contact you when the course becomes available! Thank you!