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Baptism At Thrive

Your next step after receiving Jesus into your life

Baptism is one of the most exciting things we do here at Thrive. And we'd love for you to be a part of it! Getting baptized is a powerful symbolic representation of your new life in Christ.

If you've received Jesus Christ as your saviour and want to follow Him, this is your next step.

Not sure if baptism is for you?

Thinking about getting baptized but not sure if it’s for you? Check out this short class led by Pastor Sharleen on salvation and baptism so that you can understand the meaning of baptism, how baptism works and how you know if you’re ready to get baptized.

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During COVID-19 season, getting baptized might look a little bit different than usual, but we are committed to helping you have a great baptism experience that is also safe for everyone involved. After you sign up below, our staff will contact you to arrange appropriate safety measures for your baptism so that your baptism is conducted in ways that you feel comfortable with.

If you want to get baptized or if you have any questions about baptism, let us know using the form below. 😀